Business Writing 101: How to Get Started in 3 Steps

Maybe you’re seeking a position as a copy editor, or maybe you just want to write some easy business articles for cash. If you’re reading this and didn’t know you could write for money, you can! It’s not difficult to get some extra cash by putting into writing what business owners want to say. You could even be a local business owner managing your own small business blog. Wherever you’re at, business writing comes to a point in a few basic steps to keep in mind. Here they are:

  1. Figure out why. For writing anything on business (and many other topics as well), it’s vital to know why you’re writing the article. Who is your audience? What could they be looking for in reading your business piece? What do you want them to come away knowing? For example, maybe you’re writing on the importance of SEO optimization. For readers, it would be important to understand that the world of SEO is vital to advertising and online accessibility. If you determine this ahead of time, the more focused your article will be. The more specific you can get, the better.
  1. Simplify. It’s easy to get caught up in the small points, the examples, the exceptions, and your opinions. Remember who your audience is— likely, they’re business men and women who are busy with work, just skimming for a few tips or an answer to a specific question. For an audience like this, you’ll want to keep it brief. What are the essentials of what you want to say? Boil it down to a few main points with just enough content explaining each one. Cut out the excess, or what the article can live without.
  1. Zoom out. Once you’ve written the article, you should zoom out to ask a few questions about the big picture. Does your article outline something important? Does it stay focused? Here’s where you need to put on the flippers and dive into editing mode. Make sure each paragraph or point has direction, and doesn’t venture too far from topic. Near the end of each paragraph, writers have a tendency to drag on about their personal opinions and therefore give more information than what’s needed. Not only should your article offer a valuable idea, but your idea should also be easy to access. Keep it focused by streamlining every paragraph, and you’ll come out with a sleek article.

You don’t need to be a CEO or business guru to write about business. Many writers simply know enough to help others say what they want to say in a streamlined and effective way. The big idea about business writing is to keep things focused and streamlined. In an article about literature, nature, health, or even philosophy, writers often bank on allusions, metaphors, and creative language to set up an enticing article. Even though business can certainly be an enticing topic as well, articles about business should generally concentrate on the topic at hand and allow for a quick and easy read.



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